Hello world, I 'm Gautham Pughazhendhi

I aspire to develop products that add convenience, efficiency, and organization to people's lives using my knowledge in computer science. I am a quick learner and receptive to learning any new technology in my field with a passion for innovation and perfection.

Mady Mantha

Director of AI/ML

I have directly supervised Gautham’s work at Sirius from a technical perspective for nearly a year. In my experience working with him, I’ve always found Gautham to be highly perceptive, innovative, passionate, possessing a consummate work ethic, and a strong sense of using machine learning to make the world better. Gautham was one of several engineers on a team working to create a contextual assistant that could augment the help desk and IT teams’ capabilities at a large retail company. Gautham was responsible for ensuring the robustness, performance and accuracy of the NLP pipeline, in addition to model deployment. His contributions to the technical community at Sirius have resulted in the successful delivery of projects, and innovative implementation of original ideas. I fully believe Gautham will continue to contribute solutions to advance his field of interest.

Senthil Murugan Arjunan

Business Unit Head & Practice Manager

Gautham is an evangelist in technology, and I know him from the day he started his corporate journey. He has a great interest in Al & ML, and he started learning on his own with little guidance. He surpassed everyone's expectations in building solutions for the differently-abled. He is an evergreen learner who comes up with new ideas and contributes to open-source libraries/communities. He is someone who is well balanced in delivering customer projects and keeps his passion growing. I always admired his commitment and perseverance in achieving. I wish him all the success in his career.

Dr. B. Venkatalakshmi

Vice Principal & Researcher

Gautham, being a passionate, quick learner, loves to explore new technologies. His tremendous enthusiasm and rapport with his professors have made him an active learner as well as a positive role model for many of his peers. He worked closely with me as a research assistant in the college's classroom response system, where I noted his enthusiasm for designing solutions. The list of projects he has worked on has showcased his problem-solving skills and his rigorous interest in learning. Furthermore, he has a strong desire to contribute to the betterment of human society with his skills. I have full confidence that he will continue to learn more by shaping and sharpening his ideas and skills.